Zhi Tian brand advantage

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Tian Chi Electric Co., the company was established in 2008, focused on kitchen appliances for more than and 20 years, has developed into a professional R & D, production, sales and service as one of the high-end kitchen appliances manufacturing experts, suction side of the bottom row of integrated kitchen patented invention is leading the entire integrated kitchen industry towards a new height of development.
Tian Chi company " precise structure, excellent material, exquisite manufacture " for the creation of product principle, and through the precision quality inspection of all raw materials, spare parts and each production process in every process, every product to guarantee the quality of products, auxiliary advanced equipment, the every customer to cooperate with Yitian truly " worry, rest assured, comfortable ".
zhitian company currently has 6 of the most advanced integrated stove, range hood, cooker, disinfection cabinet and oven production line and all kinds of advanced CNC stamping equipment and product quality testing equipment, to ensure production and quality. At the same time has a large number of high-quality research and development, marketing, management team.
Tian Chi company established in the country more than and 40 large and medium-sized city sales branches or offices, initially established a nationwide marketing network, products are also exported to Europe, the Middle East, Southeast Asia, South Africa, Eastern Europe, America and other countries and regions.