Alliance Policy

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Exclusive agency: the exclusive right to operate within the specified range, with enough space to play and profit space.

Market Research: the company will send market representatives to conduct a comprehensive market research and market analysis of the distribution area, and provide practical and feasible market operation plan.

Promotional items: the company according to the actual operating area of the shop and purchase amount, provide a certain amount of promotional items free of charge.

Advertising support: the combination of regional market operations, the company will be a full range of advertising support.

Full coordination: the whole process is very wide, in the early stages of the development of the dealer, we mainly from the following four points to start and distributors to manage the regional market.

1, market development:

Dealer with the assistance of the regional director to take out the market development plan, and detailed decomposition of the objectives and tasks. The company will combine the dealer's market development plan, to the regional director issued a specific point of development indicators. Dealer shall supervise the market development of the area supervisor at any time, and report to the company on a regular basis. Prior to the market development, the Distributor shall specify the 1-2 distributor and the district supervisor to conduct training and coaching to ensure the sustainability and stability of the market development.

2, to carry out promotions:

According to the regional promotion activities, the regional director will and dealers together to do promotional activities in the planning, organization, implementation and post assessment work, combined with the local market, to avoid the blindness of formal and promotional activities.

3, terminal management:

Regional director to assist the dealer to do all levels of the end of the visit, maintenance work. Sample display, price policy implementation, product recommendation, sales methods, after sales service standard guidance, relevant policies to convey, collect market information and competitive brand information.

The modern enterprise in the channel business, always forget “ delegate to fish, as delegate to fish ”. However, market opportunities not wait for me, prompted a lot of enterprises leads to cause actual fling caution to the winds, open up channels, good channel management over the years but due to various reasons, it is difficult to put in place. Both of them lack of funds, also has a fresh bottle of personnel quality, not more understanding of the regional market, the same pattern mechanically everywhere.

4, market strategy:

Zhi Tian electric appliances is a clear channel ideas and advanced thinking, it is committed to establish a vertical channel network across the world, but also allows the network to develop for a long time. Electrical appliance industry is a sunrise industry, the market contains huge business opportunities; shopping malls such as the battlefield, who seize the initiative who can seize the initiative; what do you expect? And the wisdom of the electric field all the way, you will reap unexpected surprises! Talents — dynamic
Enterprise's development, can not be separated from the people, the competition of modern enterprises, in fact, is the competition of talents, talents have become the driving force for the development of enterprises.

The company since its inception, has been focusing on the training of technical personnel, the introduction of outstanding management personnel, through technical training and technical exchanges for employees, select business backbone to foreign and domestic colleges, the introduction of foreign technical personnel and other forms to strengthen team building technology.

“ review the past achievements in the future is
Talent is the first strategic principle of intelligent electrical appliances, is the eternal pursuit of the eternal. Do not hesitate to join the wisdom of electric appliances to make your dream come true, your own talent in this park to play.