Intellectual field electrical enterprise culture 
The concept of survival: fall behind, slow retreat into the well 
Business philosophy: the smallest cost to create the largest profit 
Management concept: the management of flexible is perhaps a kind of art, the flexibility of the system is certainly a disaster 
Development philosophy: your needs are the driving force of my innovation. 
Marketing concept: let you make money, let me develop 
Service concept: sincere commitment to forever support 
Financial philosophy: to live every penny 
Quality concept: excellent products must be excellent staff to do 
Enterprise spirit: the team dedicated to innovation and pragmatic pursuit of excellence 
Enterprise purpose: the credibility of science and technology innovation as the information navigation in order to seek a letter 
Business objectives: the production of Chinese and even the world famous brand products 
Enterprise slogan: intelligent field of electrical technology to change the kitchen! Sanda Chida Weixuan electric kitchen! 
Service tenet: relying on science and technology for the most fundamental force to continuously improve the customer service, better for you 
Our common ideal: to be a model of the information age to create national corporate brand 
Our values: for social services, workers the most glorious, the customer is our God 
Our team view: cooperation is greater than confrontation is the foundation of our success 
Our view of work: not to do a good job, equal to no work 
Our quality view: high, refined, strict, fine, quality is the root 
Our market outlook: to adapt to the market, to meet the market, to find the market, to create the market, to guide the market 
Our view of talent: the ability to use the talent, talent for the 
Enterprise core concept: integrity, beyond, sustained growth; 
Anhui Zhi Tian Electrical Appliance Co., Ltd. is a kind of value concept, its core is based on honesty, to surpass itself and competitors as the goal, to continue to grow as a requirement. Anhui zhitian electric appliance Limited company goal is to do Chinese kitchen appliances industry well-known brands, to make the world kitchen electric industry well-known brands, each employee and cooperative marketing team will become an important part of the propaganda zhitian enterprise culture are inseparable, in the premise of enterprise objectives, implementation of the cooperation of marketing team and staff target. 
Zhi Tian spirit: beyond, is a leap and an innovation, that is, constantly beyond their own, and constantly surpass competitors. 
Zhi Tian style: rapid response, efficiency first 
Survival philosophy: the speed of learning determines the ability to survive 
After sales service concept: service is our products, as the user is a friend 
Technology innovation concept: consumer dissatisfaction is the three principle of the source of our innovation market 
(A) is well-known, but also to reputation 
(B) customer complaints are our best opportunities 
(C) actively participate in competition, look at the general trend, to win big market 
Service concept: customers on the side 
Behavior concept: details determine success or failure, ideas to determine the way out 
Business philosophy: everything for the customer, everything from innovation 
Talent concept: Germany, was ready, as good talent, everyone is talented, capable, mediocre, light let. 
Quality concept: the quality of the problem is not the size, 1% of the quality defect is the user 100% of the disaster 
Marketing concept: the market is selling at the side of the value, sell is the credibility of the first to sell credit, after selling products. 
Concept of market competition: high quality, high differentiation, high added value, and actively participate in the competition, will find your opponent's weakness. 
Technology development concept: the user's problem is the subject of our development 
Management philosophy: the key to a small number of constraints to the overall (80/20 principle) 
Cost concept: the lowest cost 
Cost control: design to account for 80% of the responsibility, management accounting for 20% of the responsibility, which is the embodiment of the principle of 80/20. 
Training philosophy: to create a learning team. 
The idea of resource integration: it is not how much you have, but how much resources you use. The integration of resources is the core competitiveness of intellectual field electrical company.