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Kitchen electric industry harvest of internal and external factors driving market steady growth

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    [China grid] inventory of the first half of the domestic appliance market, kitchen electric is a bright color flat overall in the market. The first half of the year, the real estate market is awesome, kitchen electric industry of jubilation, which results from the market mechanism research report and kitchen electric listed companies in the report are reflected. Traditional kitchen electric category steady growth, emerging category continued heavy volume, kitchen electric market also has a very considerable room for imagination.
In September 21st, by China guidance, household electrical appliances association and the state information center, information resources development department China appliance network hosted “ do not forget the kitchen nifengfeiyang heart • ” — — 2016 China electric kitchen forum will be held in Beijing, the industry mainstream brands represent the development venation of the common sort of kitchen electric industry. To explore the future of how to further tap the growth potential of the market.
Real estate to pick up the kitchen electric industry harvest
In the first half of this year, China's macroeconomic downward pressure still exists, but the real estate market has brought the whole industry chain “ surprise ”. According to data released by the National Bureau of statistics, 1-6 month China's commercial housing sales area grew by 27.9%, of which the residential sales area increased by 28.6%.
Benefit from the real estate market to pick up, China's kitchen electric market has achieved rapid growth. The PRC data show that the first half of China's kitchen electric market reached 41 billion 100 million yuan, an increase of 13.5%, much higher than the overall level of household appliances.
In this wave of growth in the market, leading enterprises kitchen electric business revenue has increased, and profitability improved. According to the listed companies issued annual report, the boss first half operating income of 2 billion 525 million yuan, an increase of 23.68%, net profit of 423 million yuan, an increase of 37.92%, the main business gross margin increased 1.81 percentage points; the first half of Vanward electric kitchen business achieved operating income of 1 billion 60 million yuan, an increase of 4.39%, gross margin of 25.4%, an increase of 3.68 percentage points Vatti range hood and gas stove; business revenue growth rate of more than 4, gross margin increased to 1.87%, 1.13%; Macro kitchen appliances business revenue growth of more than 3, gross margin increased by nearly 2 percentage points; Qingdao Haier kitchen electric business in the first half revenue growth of 15.4%, including hood, stove products, domestic revenue increased by 20%.
Structural upgrades for industry development into endogenous dynamics
General manager of the brand center, the general manager of the first half of the market in the first half of the electricity market operating characteristics pointed out that the traditional kitchen electric category steady growth, emerging category continued heavy volume, the overall high-end trend unchanged.
Market consumption upgrade pushed to high-end kitchen electric products structure, which provides Everfount endogenous power for kitchen electric industry. The semi annual report of listed companies is not difficult to find, these leading enterprises is to seize the opportunity to upgrade the kitchen electricity market consumption, thus achieving revenue and profitability of the upgrade.
Around the kitchen electrical products safety, health, environmental protection, intelligent, embedded, sets the trend of mainstream, kitchen electric companies in the first half of the year have launched a competitive products: Haier launched a free cleaning lampblack machine, Haier “ &rdquo stars; hood, casarte launched a line shaped gas stove, with three heads intelligent control and scene lighting interactive features of the C6 series of products such as Tin Yuet hood; the United States launched with intelligent automatic steam cleaning function “ canopy ” lampblack machine, with three stage combustion technology “ Ding fire ” gas stove, can let Steamed Rice form 720° two-way rolling “ incense pot stew ” IH electric cooker and other products; the boss appliances will launch a large suction hood 8229 and 8328, 9700, 3D speed intelligent smoke stove fire 9B09 and fine oven R015, pure S205, steamed steamer Pierre W710 dishwasher New products.
Steady growth in the traditional category at the same time, in the import phase of the emerging kitchen electrical category showed an explosive growth. The PRC data show that the first half of the scale of electric oven retail sales grew 47.5%, retail sales grew 104.4% in the dishwasher, steam boiler market is to achieve the growth rate as high as 110%.
With the change of domestic consumer eating habits, types of residents home kitchen appliances continues to increase, new kitchen electrical products, more and more domestic consumers began to enter the kitchen, into a new category also opened up a new incremental market for kitchen electric enterprises.
Channel change: Online surge in low-end brand way
From the perspective of channels, the first half of the line market growth slowed, but the online channel still maintain a rapid growth, further differentiation of channels and integration, provides here space electric kitchen enterprises.
In 2016, electric kitchen manufacturers and distributors to accelerate the O2O landing mode, breaking the multidimensional barriers in major promotional period, realize the sharing of resources, traffic exchange, make up the short board electricity supplier in the product experience, service and other aspects, so as to make the online market to maintain a rapid growth momentum.
Longmen Orville data show that the first half of the online market range hood, gas stoves and disinfection cabinets three kinds of kitchen electric retail sales reached 5 billion yuan, an increase of 40.7%.
At the same time, the product structure of the online market is also in the evolution, and thus promote the online brand pattern in a dynamic change. According to Ovid yunwang data line was the first half of the low-end market reshuffle, electric kitchen brand to enter the online channel is 90, but a total of 102 brands online market exit.
Zuo Yanque believes that in the home appliance industry has entered a new normal operation under the condition of electric kitchen has become one of the pillars of the home appliance market driven growth, dual power from the upgrading of product structure and market channel change, make the kitchen electricity market full of opportunities for kitchen electric enterprises, kitchen electric industry still have a brilliant future.