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Kitchen electric high-end brands to the mobile Internet transformation

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    Qilu Evening News Ji'nan September 21st news: the rapid development of the mobile Internet industry, the vitality of the market to make a variety of clients competing debut. According to the data show that China Mobile Internet market size in the second quarter of this year reached 24 billion 190 million yuan, an annual growth rate of 71.4%, the value of its commercialization gradually highlights. People in the industry to high-end kitchen electric brand giant said, kitchen electric enterprises with new modes of mobile internet marketing, can greatly expand the scope of information dissemination, and the traditional hard wide delivery mode can expand more on brand publicity than.
The future of marketing does not require too much sales channels, only your products and brands to enter the consumer's mobile phone, is the best marketing. With mobile terminals, including mobile phones, tablet, including all aspects of people's lives, online shopping market to the mobile terminal penetration trend is becoming increasingly irresistible. “ &rdquo all channel consumer; is approaching! The traditional kitchen electric enterprises marketing, traditional marketing, ground Internet, mobile Internet, global marketing has sounded the assembly.
The popularity of the Internet thinking, will undoubtedly have a certain impact to the traditional manufacturing industry and the traditional sales model, but also for the development of the internet intelligent kitchen electric industry brings the development opportunity. True sense of the smart home era has not yet arrived, but the concept of intelligence has long been deeply rooted in the hearts of the people. From the perspective of the performance of the power plant operators, intelligent this trend has already been verified in the product.
As a domestic high-end kitchen electric brand, the first layout of the Internet giant power marketing direction, and actively embrace the Internet, and vigorously promote the business strategy, the other side is to speed up the line of new experience stores, flagship stores, boutiques layout. The so-called O2O, its core value is to get through online and offline, and enhance the user experience and interaction, so that the shopping process more intelligent, more convenient. In the future, the traditional kitchen electric companies in the market to go fast, go far, also must adhere to the line of the &ldquo &rdquo business model; two legs.
It is understood that the force is composed of giant electric kitchen brand in Zhejiang, the top five domestic first-line capital Zhejiang consortium strategic partners heavily to build. The giant force after ten years of painstaking development, continuous integration of high-quality resources from all walks of life, through the formation of professional research team, the introduction of high-end production and testing equipment, top talent to various fields, including super lampblack machine, integrated sink, embedded appliances, cabinets and other integrated kitchen wisdom solutions for consumers.
Force giant to innovation as the core driving force, leading the development of kitchen electric industry. R & D team to create a super giant force hood of developed oil smoke effect as high as 99.96%, completely solve the problem of Chinese kitchen fume. The giant force resolved through the wisdom of the kitchen, leveraging the Internet economy, create force giant Kitchen Wisdom ecosystem business model, thus greatly reduce operating costs, to provide wisdom, innovation, high cost of kitchen products for hundreds of millions of consumers.
The new marketing mode mobile internet marketing is the combination of mobile communication and Internet, mobile internet marketing is the popularity of smart devices before moving to an unknown world, and now the mobile internet marketing has become a new trend of Internet marketing by the parties concerned. Today, the impact of Internet marketing by the user has more than just PC users, but also has a large number of mobile intelligent device users. Basically a computer can access the information, we can open their own mobile devices on the view, and allows the spread of information to bring more convenient, more efficient and other advantages.
High-end kitchen electric brand force giant, the consumer gathering area is the focus of marketing areas. Mobile client huge user groups, as well as compact portable, convenient communication and significant characteristics, has been a key point of the kitchen electric industry to carry out brand marketing activities to the mobile client platform tilt. Mobile client platform of human nature and interactive features, can effectively improve the kitchen electric industry, people-oriented, personalized service image. In fact, with the majority of kitchen electric brand in the mobile client through social networking platform to display the brand information and image, fully illustrated kitchen electric brand began to recognize the potential market demand for mobile client platform.
With the changes in the economic situation, the industry's upgrading and transformation is inevitable. With the development of mobile Internet technology and the growing prosperity of e-commerce, but also to the kitchen electric industry to upgrade the transformation brought opportunity. Mobile Internet to build a value of the network bridge, through this platform, consumers can consult and share the actual consumption, while the kitchen electric industry also can grasp information through this bridge, to improve their products and business, so as to be recognized by consumers, promote the development of the whole industry.