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Kitchen appliances sales skills

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    sales are interlinked. Kitchen appliances belonging to the product, you can go to the Baidu Library in search of "super terminal sales skills", the following is a mobile phone sales we personally training case, the full display of how to attract customers in the terminal sales in the attention, clever use of digital information and negative to educate their customers, establish expert image the sales staff, finally relaxed to clinch a deal. Of course, you can also go to my space to see more about the sales skills of some HD video courses.

The following is based on the case of the actual combat of these students to share with you, how to sell terminal products sales. These methods not only can be used in physical sales, it can be very good to be telephone sales, we put aside some of the things theory, with their specific cases to discuss and you.

In the end of the sales process, the process of marketing communication is the process of continuous education customers, in fact, this sentence is the idea. Here to give you a way, the customer asked you any questions can not easily give the answer, the specific image of the said is killed or not to say. In the end of the process of communication, what kind of call to explore communication technology, that is, customers ask you any questions. Can not easily give the answer, killed I do not say. Sales are divided into three types, one is called transaction based sales, one called value added sales, called a consultant type sales, due to the sales of goods, sales of different ways of thinking. For example, sales of large customers is an organization, an organization which is different, such as the sale of your system which is the sale of industrial products, it will be used in industrial products, the way of thinking. And large customer sales, looking for someone to do things is also important, and not just a problem of motivation.

Here we have a student to sell mobile phone terminal products (the real case scene is based on her studies before and after, of their own design, is to let you see more clearly) for example, how to use the process of marketing communication in the sales process is the continuous education of customers, and do not say killed. Suppose I want to buy a mobile phone, I bought this phone, I think so, I want to buy a long standby time of the phone. At this time my heart needs “ buy a long standby time of mobile phone ” now the market among the various brands of mobile phones, the kind of mobile phone standby time is the longest? PHILPS, has a standby time of more than 20 days, or even 1 months. But buy a mobile phone before, I don't know which one long standby time, I do not know what the Pu, but I heard my friends said, as if there is a week without charge, this is my cognitive level.

I now go to sell mobile phone stores, I am most concerned about this time the phone what performance? Of course, the standby time is long.

I: “ excuse me, how long is the standby time of this cell phone?
Note that we have said that we have to educate our clients, and that we should not say. But you will notice a lot of selling mobile phones in the market now he is not the way, he is basically how to answer it? “ this is the key to see how much you call, call more standby time is shorter, less standby time on the phone a little longer, but you get the phone in general three or four days is no problem. ” it seems that this answer is very professional, but he made a very big mistake, you do not because of the answer ah, you should not say that you do not say ah. Because you say so, my heart is what psychology? My psychology is not my friend said the convenience, because he did not have a week to charge, because I do not know what meaning.

The customer's psychological idea is that when the sales staff to talk about things and their own idea is not consistent with the time, more than 90% of the customers are not the true idea of the sales staff to listen to. And then his idea is, that's OK, I'll look at it, put down the phone and leave. Think about the salesman made mistakes, why he made a mistake, he made the biggest mistake is, I left, he did not know what I was left. Sales staff of the first mission, the first responsibility is that customers can not buy our company's products, but it is necessary to make clear, he is what reason not to buy.

Next I went to the second trained sales staff there, he knew that the customer is the education, but also know that the death did not say. We look at how he did it?

I: “ may I ask how long this phone standby time is?
The salesman knew that he had to be educated and killed or not, he answered.

“ hey! I found that you ask this question, I know why you ask, in fact, why do you care about standby time, is not found in the total charge of trouble. In fact, I say to you, the evaluation of a mobile phone is not convenient, do not see its standby time, the battery charging time depends on the length, because the longer the standby phone battery, the radiation is greater, in fact, is harmful to human health. In fact, the charging time of the long and short mark a phone is not convenient, you see me to introduce you to a mobile phone, this is our new arrival, this two days sold particularly good, and the battery charging time is very shortWhere a charge, just 10 minutes can be filled, but two or three days without charge, it is convenient to buy a mobile phone
Education is completed, look at the above answer, I was completely educated, and he did not tell me, this phone's standby time is long. This time, I still goods than three, I went to another look at. This time I asked the sales staff is: “ do you charge the phone is how long ah? ” I ask how long standby time, because I was just above a sales staff education, if the sales staff now has not received professional training and learning, he may directly answer “ what are the estimated three or four hours ” because he did not know the dead do not say, as long as he said the longer, the more I think you don't have a convenient. If this is just now, PHILPS, he answered our “ this is PHILPS, the standby time is more than and 20 days long, ” this time, I have no feeling, just because of education, the longer the greater the radiation standby time, more harmful to the body.

Before I go out I want to buy a long standby time of the phone, but I bought it is a short time to charge the phone, why? Is in the terminal communication technology, met a professional sales staff education. Called terminal information to intercept the terminal in the sales process, this should be well understood, no matter you aerial bombing to what extent, ground forces and to what degree, I have you this air missile shot down on the road, ground troops on the way will give you the ambush. It is in the process of the terminal, the first to put this information in the customer's brain shackles, which is called terminal information interception.

To look at the most common terminal sales of another problem, there is no customer said this or marketing staff often encountered such a problem. I found that I found communication with customers, as long as I bright I was a sales staff, but customers do not want to listen to what I do not want to talk about, but also to attract the attention of customers, my thoughts out. How to really attract customers, tell you 8 words, these 8 words are “ negative information, digital information ”. Because customers are most interested in negative information and digital information, the opening time, such as you, the beginning of how to attract the attention of customers, it is to strengthen the amount of negative information and digital information. What is the purpose is to make communication more smooth, so the front page of the newspaper, the people's Congress several times the meetings in which the theme is held, what may not care about, turn back, kill all, remember. The highest click rate of the major news sites is also a number of negative news information. The picture is a picture of the interception of a well-known Web site in china.

People like to pay attention to the negative information, because people's instinct is to the negative information memory is very strong. So now, talk about a specific case, talk about the use of negative information and digital information, so we better understand.

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