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The kitchen electric industry will become the next cross brand capture position

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    compared to the mobile phone, TV these are the new Jin brand to toss to the exhausted industry, the market as a whole the size of tens of billions of kitchen appliances is very calm. This calm and five years ago, the five color TV brand is very similar to the pattern, when there is no one color TV companies realize that the introduction of subversive products to change the market immutable sort. It is the price for cross-border brand with sincerity as the storm made landfall as an immediate collapse consumer loyalty.
You can imagine, if the color change soon copied to the field of kitchen appliances, now the high margin industry will quickly degenerate into a cheap, full profit gally Internet Ecosystem concept.
Some people say that the market is like a casino, the banker is not to control the dice. There is no change, the era of defensive line could stay lucky rabbit. Resist foreign “ ” rely on the industry's own self transformation and upgrading of products. Kitchen electric enterprises, if you do not want to be cross-border subversion should change the status quo to try to cross the border, the impact of the industry's low price is a knock on the door of a gimmick, full of respect for the consumer habits of life to develop new products is still one of the important tasks.
Although the Chinese people pay more attention to the weight of diet care in the family life, but according to HEA statistics, China's household kitchen appliances consumer spending and category richness is far lower than the European and American developed countries. Although the emerging middle class families in the oven, coffee machine, bread machine and other Western food habits of the light try, the data show that in the first 4 months of 2016, the market growth rate of electric oven reached 50.9%. But the reality is that the popularity of diet is still a serious impediment to large electric kitchen, for multigenerational family to give up the traditional diet of “ cooking ” habit is very counterintuitive.
As everyone knows a baked food, from formal to bake preheated to cooling, at least 30 minutes or up to several hours. At present in the market China, oven personalized user product also is in the pursuit of quality of life cultivation stage, with “ steaming roast “ microwave heating function from the principle and traditional cooking methods can be quite different, not the true sense of the ways of cooking, at most as lightweight alternative tools. Because of the larger size of the household oven, still belong to the new house decoration of a group of people trying to choose, it is difficult to meet the requirements of the whole family.
In the China diet experience known as “ food steaming ” saying, steaming can be retained in the flavor of food ingredients, and does not destroy the nutritional value of food nutrition and steam, keep the food authentic, less fat, healthy diet is the most appropriate way. &ldquo opened the steamer water vapor rising; not steamed Steamed Buns Zhengkou ” also has deep meaning of Chinese culture.
But with the faster pace of life changed, the younger generation of traditional steamed complex process become more strange, small family has a rare old driver &ldquo is good at cooking; ” cooking time and temperature control, and the operation is complicated, often leading to food quality is not stable, the market demand for obvious electric kitchen with intelligent steam function the.
If you can develop a balanced family members eating habits, Western baking and steaming combined with Oriental products, this is the kitchen electric industry urgently needs to be able to redeem the black “ &rdquo technology;.
According to household electrical appliances network, Haier recently launched a high-end intelligent steaming and baking machine, intended to improve the life of every family cooking. To meet the needs of today's consumers for the diversification of cooking, but also for the consumer with the modern kitchen to bring fast, intelligent, convenient.
Steaming and baking machine intelligent fully integrated and perfect the Western diet, in saving kitchen area, to adapt to high altitude users, high pursuit of delicacy and health, the establishment of a new consumer market. In the future, Haier will also be responsible for the healthy development of other Chinese household electrical appliance enterprises, and provide convenient and efficient kitchen life for Chinese consumers.