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The new kitchen electrical industry "bonanza", is expected to mark the lampblack machine dishwasher

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In the household appliance industry in various segments of the kitchen, cooking is the highest in the highest sense of well-being of the industry. Not only the hood, gas stoves, microwave ovens and other traditional kitchen electric category continue to maintain a steady growth trend, such as dishwashers, steam oven, electric oven and other emerging category for kitchen electric industry has opened up a new blue ocean.
In last week's 2016 China kitchen electric industry forum, the domestic and international mainstream kitchen electric brand representatives agreed that the emerging category will be the kitchen electric industry into a new growth momentum.
The steady growth of the new category of kitchen electrical power
Into 2016, in the case of the traditional large home appliance market is relatively low, the kitchen electric industry has always been strong, has made gratifying market performance. According to the PRC, push the total data, 2016, 1— July China kitchen electric market reached 48 billion yuan, an increase of 14.8%, much higher than the overall level of the home appliance market growth.
Kitchen electric industry to achieve such results, the steady growth of nature cannot do without the hood, gas stoves and other traditional kitchen electric products, but the new category of contribution too. According to the PRC data, 1&mdash August; electric oven retail sales reached 3 billion yuan, an increase of 42.5%, the dishwasher retail sales of 1 billion 140 million yuan, an increase of 102.7%, retail sales of steam boiler scale of 1 billion 220 million yuan, an increase of 108.4%.
Introduction of the new category, the kitchen electric industry has opened a huge incremental market. In addition to electric oven, dishwasher, steam boiler, Soybean Milk machine, coffee machine, Steamed Buns machine, noodle machine, juicer and other kitchen appliances category, in our country the prevalence rate is also very low, also contain considerable market potential. In early 2016 of this month at the Berlin International Consumer Electronics Show (IFA2016), exhibitors coffee machine, juicer and other products are beautifully designed, a superb collection of beautiful things, rich function of small household electrical appliances, is rare in the domestic market. With the domestic consumer eating habits gradually connect with the west, these products in our country in the future also will have a huge market demand.
At the end of May this year, the State Council issued "on the consumer goods industry three “ ” special action to create a good market environment for a number of opinions", which clearly put forward in support of enterprise “ the depth of excavation user needs to adapt and lead the trend of consumption upgrade, &rdquo & ldquo;; enrich and refine the types of consumer goods ”.
China home appliances association chairman Jiang Feng pointed out that the consumption upgrade steadily promote the upgrading of product structure, the rapid growth of the emerging electric kitchen category and the construction of the new urbanization, is expected to become another kitchen electric appliance industry pillar industry.
The dishwasher is expected to standard lampblack machine
In all the new category of kitchen appliances, most of the industry is the most promising dishwasher. According to the dishwasher marketing director Zhang Xinke introduced the dishwasher in developed countries the market penetration is very high at present, reaching nearly 70% in North America, the penetration rate is about 50% in Western Europe, Australia and Japan is about 40%, while in Southeast Asia and China basic market penetration of less than 1%.
The outbreak of market demand and the future growth potential of pre judgment, to promote the kitchen electric enterprises in the supply side to increase supply. According to the PRC, monitoring on the market in 2015, more than 90 dishwasher products, and this year in the sale of the dishwasher can reach 220 models, including some very competitive explosive products, such as the status of Haier for Chinese kitchen space is small, launched for the Chinese compact kitchen space Beckham “ ” desktop dishwasher. Three in one tank dishwasher Q6, make the traditional cross-border integration of innovative products into a tank with the dishes and pesticide residues in fruits and vegetables, both saving water saving and space saving characteristics, only 3 bottles of water can wash a bath oil dishes, wash the surface of fruits and vegetables pesticide residue rate can reach 90%. The beauty of the embedded intelligent dishwasher, can be a key to select the intelligent washing procedures, can determine the dirty degree of water after washing tableware pre, automatically selected the most efficient energy-saving washing path.
The importance of kitchen electric enterprises is increasing with the release of market demand. Last November, the first factory construction of BSH dishwasher in China in Chuzhou, the factory plans to officially put into operation in early 2018, preliminary planning for the annual output of 600 thousand taiwan.
Zhang Xinke said that at present the United States is increasing the dishwasher in the domestic market development and promotion, is expected within three years of the United States dishwasher in the domestic market to achieve sales of one million units.
GF Securities according to estimates, the next 5 years, the compound growth rate is expected to reach 59.5%, after 5 years to achieve annual sales of more than 2 million units.
GF Securities analyst Cai Yirun believes that in the long run, taking into account China's housing area is higher than Japan, China's higher proportion of female work, China's dishwasher penetration is expected to exceed Japan and South korea. The future of the dishwasher is expected to become an important subject of lampblack machine, kitchen appliance category, annual sales reached more than 20 million.