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Zhi Tian store promotion planning

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zhitian store promotion plan:

How to do a store first consider the store location, how to store decoration design, how to store product display, how to store promotional staff, store promotional activities are rich content is conspicuous.
Some refer to position in the kitchen appliances are concentrated (such as electric road, a street, what Commercial Street building materials market, what cabinet ah) "competition is the market well, can also choose the large area had just settled. The decoration of the shop because of your personal strength, but must be unified and brand image, unified storefront design, unified showcase.
Product decoration to store the design quality and your area of consumption capacity display products, appropriate to be decorated, to reflect the quality of life and taste. Promotion of the best uniform dress, cultural quality should be high, product knowledge to rich, shopping guide skills to be adept. Promotional activities in addition to the company's unified formulation of the activities and gifts to increase the intensity, in a prominent position in the store posters, as well as timely replacement of product models, as early as possible to deal with the sample.
In addition to the design of small print publicity outdoors, poster color pages, also can consider billboards, street lamp, parking stop tube to proposals before the two operation, the cost is higher. Mainly residential products entity publicity, promotion of new products, old customers visit (including repair, TM) in the process of propaganda selected from the store near the area, the most prominent is the need to store the position of publicity.