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Shopping guide skills scene dialogue, the results of the training increase

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Shopping guide: the lady, please do not hurry to go, all right? This woman, I would like to ask you are not our several lights, or I do not have the service in place? You can tell me, I can immediately improve, really, I am sincerely want to serve you well. What style of lighting do you really want to find?

Guide: Miss, please. I'm sorry, miss. I just must have been in the position, so you have no interest to continue reading. But I really want to help you find a most suitable for your products, so you can not bother to tell you the real needs, I re help you find a suitable product for you, OK? Thank you sir, miss. Excuse me, … … (re understanding of customer needs
Comments: shopping guide first from their own to find the cause, in order to obtain the customer's understanding, and then re understand the customer needs and make recommendations!

Shopping guide: the lady, can you please leave a step, you buy things do not really have no relationship. Is this way, I just want to ask you a favor, I just started to do this brand, trouble you tell us which side you are not very satisfied, this is also convenient for me to improve the work. Really thank you very much, please …
Comment: the guide to learn to take the initiative to lower the figure, this will virtually raise customer body, make the customer feel respect, so that customers more with us.

Small four point

Mind your own mouth, some of the snappy comebacks will lead to greater losses: 10: the customer into the store after the look said: things a little less, nothing to buy the

[error to 1] new two days to.

The wrong response to 2] has sold almost.

How to deal with 3] [error will be less, enough of the

4] so many things to deal with, you can buy it?

The drill template

Guide: Yes, you are very careful, we this store display of goods is not much, but each one is our boss carefully selected boutique style, each have their own characteristics. Here, let me introduce you to the next bar, what kind of style do you like?

Shopping guide: you are right, we do not have much style here, because our boss likes to compare the characteristics of things, but we have several products I think it is very suitable for you. Come here, please, I can help you to introduce, do you want to see … … … …