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Shopping guide sales skills: the use of FABE rule of commodity marketing

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Super shopping guide to know the needs of the customer in the AB choice questioning skills under the premise, the next step is how to sell the goods to the customer, how about selling goods is made better? Some guide is very able to speak but why can't persuade customers? Shopping guide can't tell the selling point of the goods and seize the customer focus, and do not know the merchandise of the same industry, different selling points and points of interest for comparison, to dispel doubts about the problems of customer goods, to do the above points at the end is difficult to promote the sale of goods do not have the training of trainers certain knowledge teaching skills and practical experience of sellers is difficult to convince students (i.e. Purchasing Guide)But, as adults remember product knowledge by rote that there is no way in the way.

Any merchandising has certain principle the same, whether it is to sell the house or sell cars or sell large appliances or small appliances to sell sell clothing or sell pot and so on, no matter what to sell goods, sales (or sales) about whether professional, must follow the following principles:

A merchandising operation if
Two, the customer to sell your goods what are the doubts? There is no promotion in the process of FABE to dispel the concerns of customers;

Three, when the customer's heart, there is no promotion of sales, when shopping guide application of FABE method to sell goods almost the same time, to allow customers to buy the product is the ultimate goal of the sales staff.

Sales of goods FABE application and any commodity marketing, the FABE each English letters are the representatives of what? FABE to take the first English letters, “ F” characteristics; (Features) “ A” “ advantage (Advantages); B” “ interest (Benefits); E” evidence (Evidence).

“ F” what are the characteristics or features of the goods being sold? Explain the material goods, technology, and for memory, we will be “ F” to understand about the characteristics of goods;

That is, the customer's eyes very intuitive to see commodity external “ for example, &rdquo looks; some people grow fat and some people are tall, which means that this person has what characteristics, and commodity form what features or materials have what characteristics is rectangular or square, thick or thin these are the characteristics, the said commodity, sell goods characteristics explain only part, features must say, the same or a brand of goods in many items, there is no difference in the characteristics of a commodity can not distinguish positioning grades and levels of consumption of it, and to distinguish the function of commodity interests the different, no external features of differentiation, the selling point of the explanation is no basis, on the basis of one reason which is selling goods from manufacturers.

“ A” what is the advantage of selling goods on behalf of the talk? For convenience and memory, we will “ A” understand the merits of goods.

Commodity “ A” explain the advantage also is in commodity “ F” extension characteristics on the basis of the shopping guide will only talk to customers to explain what commodity characteristics is not enough, but also tell a customer what are the advantages of these features, or about what are the advantages? This man is tall, just say that this person is his high characteristics, and this person is very tall, many people stood watching the show when you don't have to worry about being blocking the line of sight, while the second words from “ F” characteristics of tall to “ A” what are the advantages of not tall, by blocking the line of sight.

And the sale of electromagnetic oven salesman said, “ the electromagnetic oven panel printed with patterns, general domestic panel, the panel of the electromagnetic oven gleaming is imported, the &rdquo panel; sell electromagnetic oven have just talked about the shopping guide “ F” the features of the products, a is the pattern of the domestic panel and the panel is the gleaming imported electromagnetic oven panel, sell shopping guide has not talked about domestic and imported panel panel have what is the advantage?

“ domestic panel electromagnetic oven when using easy to change, the import panel will not change color under high temperature, ” sales could explain such sell goods, is from “ F” the features of the products about the advantages of goods “ A”, what are the advantages of different panel. That as a guide to introduce goods, but also by the external characteristics of the goods can be seen on the sale of goods because there is this feature, so there will be the advantage.

As the characteristics of shopping guide you when you speak to sell goods to the goods, and then by the features of the products tell the customer product advantages, it is only in the second step, the real customer is concerned with the money to buy your goods, what benefits can bring to him? The goods can bring any good, can solve what problem?

FABE &ldquo B&rdquo merchandising rules;; explain commodity interests is the most critical, there are sellers experience shopping guide he can seize the customer buying psychology, explain commodity “ B” point of interest, to explain the benefits of the purchase of goods, as long as we carefully watch the super shopping guide in selling their goods when rookie entry-level sales remain in on commodity &ldquo F” characteristics; stage, as the shopping guide you tell customers with characteristics of pattern panel and gleaming panel about goods, what is the relationship between the customers? In addition you tell the customer that domestic and imported panel panel is not at the same time, it began to close to the needs of customers, but not about commercial interests, so there is little experience at the shopping guide can tell you what he sells goods are what have what advantage, or what are the advantages? What really touches customers to buy goods is the benefits of the goods. That is, FABE commodity marketing rules in the “ B” the interests of goods.

In the following business oversold electromagnetic oven sales pitch to a shopping guide:
&ldquO; Hello, sir! This is a certain brand of electromagnetic oven, it is now the retail price is 399 yuan, one of the core parts of the electromagnetic oven low price is mainly the main panel, we brand-x electromagnetic oven you see its gleaming light through the panel, the panel of the electromagnetic oven can not see any impurities (FABE, commodity sales promotion law the “ F” the features of the products: This is a certain brand of electromagnetic oven, you see its gleaming light through the surface, watching the electromagnetic oven panel can not see any impurities)

This panel imports of high temperature, long time heating, use a long time do not have to worry about the panel will change (FABE merchandising rule, “ A” commercial advantage: this panel imported high temperature, long time heating, use a long time do not have to worry about the panel will change.)

And higher thermal efficiency, power saving will be able to save you. ” FABE (Merchandising rules, “ B” commercial interests, goods from “ F” panel features gleaming, commodity “ B” the advantage of high temperature does not change color, “ B” commercial interests are what? Save electricity and save money.

FABE commodity marketing rules, the last step of “ E” “ E”, represents is mainly about what you sell goods what is the authoritative data and text to show the features of the products to support your advantages and benefits, “ E” that is the authority of the data of commodity, commodity is to prove you have good characteristics according to the evidence.

FABE in the law of commodity marketing, “ E” for evidence (Evidence), what is the evidence of that commodity?

For example: 1, product packaging refined selling
2, packing instructions before and after the use of
On 3, the brand of media advertising;

4, the company printed promotional material goods selling publicity color pages, merchandise licensing legislation.

5, the selling point of the display of the scene and so on.

Whether the application of FABE marketing rules shopping guide to sell goods, or as vendor management super purchasing guide managers in training when purchasing guide knowledge of goods, can also refer to FABE four steps to explain the goods, you have to sell the goods what are the characteristics of “ F& rdquo; characteristics of the goods you have. Sell into what are the advantages of “ A” this advantage, you have to sell the goods will bring what interests “ B” finally, the product you are selling these characteristics, strengths, interests, what are the evidence of “ E&;
As a super selling goods shopping guide, marketing rules when using FABE, should be able to sell goods on hand to mouth, say, refers to the action, signs, the scene is best to do, finally is to let the customer feelRecognition! Then you can sell it!

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