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Kitchen consultant sales skills

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In sales activities, people and products are equally important. According to statistics from the New York Sales Association, 71% of people buy from you because they like you and trust you. So shopping guide to win customers trust and goodwill.

Sales need to do the following:

1 smile. A smile can convey sincere, charming smile is the long-term practice of.

2 praise customers. A compliment may keep a customer, may lead to a sale, may also change the customer's bad mood.

3 pay attention to etiquette. Etiquette is respect for customers, customers choose those who can make their favorite shopping guide.

4 focus on image. Guide to the professional image of the customer in front of customers, not only can improve the working atmosphere, but also to obtain the trust of customers. The so-called professional image is a guide for the purchase of clothing, manners, mental status, personal hygiene and other appearance, can give customers a good feeling.

5 listen to the customer. The lack of experience of shopping guide is often a problem is that a contact with customers on the endless to do the introduction of goods, until the customer tired. Listen carefully to the customer's opinion, is one of the most important ways to build trust relationship with customers. Customers respect those who are able to listen carefully to their opinions.

The mistakes made by the Purchasing Guide are the characteristics of marketing — — they introduce the material, quality, characteristics and so on to the customer, and it is precisely not to tell the customer, these characteristics can bring benefits and benefits. Guide must remember: we are not selling products, but the benefits of the product to the customer — — products to meet customer needs what kind of benefits for customers.

Shopping guide can be divided into three levels: low-level guide staff to talk about the characteristics of the product, the intermediate guide to talk about the advantages of the product, the senior guide staff to talk about the benefits of the product. So, how to promote the interests of customers purchasing guide?

The 1 category:
(1) the benefits of the product, that is, the benefits of the product to the customer.

(2) the interests of enterprises, by the technology, strength, reputation, service and other benefits to the customer.

(3) the different interests, that is, the interests of competitors can not provide, which is the unique selling point of the product.

2 emphasize the selling points of

A product that contains the interests of many aspects, not in the interests of the seller and the customer should seize everything, the most interesting, most concerned are introduced. One of the basic principles of marketing is “ rather than lengthy discussions about all the features of a product, it is better to focus on the goals that are most concerned with the customer ”.

Selling point is the use of the product, as well as in the design, performance, quality, price, the most exciting part of the desire to stimulate customers to use short words to express.

Shopping guide to sell though but the point of every hue, nothing more than the following aspects: suitable for selling, compatibility, durability, safety, comfort, convenience, popularity, utility, aesthetics, economy.

3.FABE Promotion Law: the transformation of product features to the interests of customers.

F A representative representative features, generated by this feature has the advantages of

B represents this advantage can bring the interests of customers: E representative of the evidence (technical reports, customer letters, newspaper articles, photographs, demonstrations, etc.).

The FABE method simply, is a shopping guide in order to find out the features of various customer interest after the analysis of the advantages arising from the characteristics, find out the advantages of this can bring the interests of customers, and finally put forward the evidence that the product can bring these benefits to customers.

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